Far Out Spaced Odyssey Volumes 1 & 2

The prolific Far Out Records dig around in their already well mined archives for a 24 track compilation that brings together different strands of psychedelic Brazilian music and it’s influences, and pleasingly it all comes together with some success.

70s funk rock oddities, acid drenched folk and jazz from the likes of Jose Mauro, Joyce and Azymuth happily sit alongside up to date beats and soundscapes from some of the best experimental new electronic producers, like the UK’s Mark Pritchard and Kirk Degiorgio, and Rio’s Rabotnik. The inclusion of a track by Orquestra De Tambores from the northwest of Brasil makes total sense in the scheme of things, but also makes you wish Far Out would explore some of the different regional music more often.

by Cal Jader


Far Our Spaced Oddyssey Vols 1&2
Various Artists
Far Out Recordings
**** Four stars

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