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JungleDrums has joined forces with BM&A to bring you a selection of the freshest music being made across Brazil right now.

From the new sound of the São Paulo streets, Andreia Dias, to the lambada-tinged tecnobrega of Para’s Felipe Cordeiro and Mawaca’s spiritual sounds inspired by the Amazon, Brazil New Series is listening, loving and sharing with friends.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands of the CD with this copy of JungleDrums (all subscribers and readers at Womex got one) just click here to download your MP3 copy. Find more information about all the artists and check the work BM&A does to promote Brazil’s music in foreign lands.

What’s on your free CD:

1 – Andreia Dias – ‘Noite’

Born in the outskirts of São Paulo, Andreia debuted her solo career in 2008 with the critically acclaimed Vol. 1, the first of a trilogy. She is indeed a versatile musician. Vol. 2 was released in 2010 and, as on her first album, she writes all songs. Being a compulsive songwriter, Andreia’s lyrics deal with crazy love stories, social and behavior criticism and, above all, sarcasm.

2 – Chico Pinheiro – ‘Ao Vento’

Pinheiro started playing the guitar and the piano when he was 7. His well-received debut included performances from guest Luciana Alves, Lenine, Ed Motta, Chico César and Maria Rita. His second release, “Chico Pinheiro” enjoyed equal critical and audience acclaim. The third album, Nova, is a collaboration with the North American guitarist and composer Anthony Wilson.

3 – Arnaldo Antunes – ‘A casa é sua’

Experimental singer-songwriter from São Paulo, Arnaldo has found success in band-projects such as Titãs and Tribalistas as well as various solo projects. His latest album, Iê Iê Iê, looks back to the sixties – surf music, Jovem Guarda, the Beatles, the twist, Rita Pavone… Of course, Arnaldo  has been colaborating with Jungle for years. Check page 74.

4 – Criolina – ‘São Luis-Havana’

Ale Muniz and Luciana Simões form duo Criolina. Their 2nd CD, Cine Tropical has 14 tracks based on real events. “Any resemblance is not a mere coincidence,” says Ale. The songs are based on memories that have marked the history of both Simões. They are visual and audio references to films such as Barbarella and Bye Bye Brasil, Ennio Morricone and Jovem Guarda.

5 – Sandália de Prata – ‘O Pescador’

They mix traditional samba – using drums, repiniques and beats – with modern and sophisticated arrangements, creating a sound being called Samba Pesado – Heavy Samba. Formed in 2003 with two albums released, the band perform their own songs as well as classics by Jorge Ben Jor, Gilberto Gil and a particularly “funky” version of Paul McCartney’s Check my Machine.

6 – Tatiana Parra – ‘Oração’

Working since she was five, Tatiana has performed with a wide variety of artists: from Ivan Lins to Omara Portuondo. She began singing jingles and children’s CDs while she pursued her study of classical piano, winning awards. In 2003, she became part of the group of composer and guitarist, Chico Pinheiro, with whom she toured, also participating on his second album.

7 – Danilo Moraes e os Criados Mudos – ‘Na Volta do Pari’

Danilo has performed with Chico César, Miriam Maria, CéU and Ceumar. His first solo CD was released in 2003 and received enthusiastic reviews by critics in Brazil. In 2004 he moved to France, where he performed in Paris and in other cities around Europe. Recently, Brazilian singer Céu recorded Mais um lamento, a song composed by her and Danilo Moraes.

8 – Dani Gurgel – ‘Neneca’

After playing various musical instruments during 15 years, Dani Gurgel was able to find the one she loves best: her voice. When she began to write songs with lyrics, after 15 years in the instrumental universe, Dani discovered singing. In 2007 she organized a series of concerts (Dani Gurgel and the New Composers), which inspired her entire repertoire a singer-songwriter.

9 – Mawaca – ‘So Perewatxe’

Mawaca is a Brazilian group recognized for their research and recreation of music from all over the world, performing in fifteen languages. Under the guidance of band-leader Magda Pucci, the band has developed a solid career both in Brazil and abroad. The latest album – “Rupestres Sonoros – reveals an aspect of Brazil that is unknown to most people.

10 – Orquestra Brasileira de Música Jamaicana – ‘Ska Around the Nation’

Consisting of nine top-class São Paulo musicians, the Orquestra Brasileira de Música Jamaicana perform roots reggae, ska and rocksteady with a difference. Established in 2005 by producer Sérgio Soffiatti e o trompetista Felippe Pipeta, by 2008 they had found their true-calling – performing classics of Brazilian music in ska and reggae rhythms. It works.

11 – Samba Chula de São Braz – ‘Samba, Cachaça e Viola’

Representing the traditional samba de roda, the group Samba Chula de São Braz recently recorded their debut album “Quando dou minha risada, ha, ha…” through a grant awarded by Funarte. They are based in São Braz, a small community located outside of Santo Amaro, Bahia, which began its life as a quilombo, a village founded by runaway slaves.

12 – Luciana Mello – ‘Na Veia da Nêga’

As a child, she sang in choirs and later performed in musicals. She emerged on the national pop scene with her first album, Assim Que Se Faz, in 2001. Her father is the successful singer Jair Rodrigues and her brother, Jair Oliveira, is also an influential producer of modern pop music and is a singer/songwriter in his own right. Luciana mixes MPB with soul and hip-hop.

13 – Veronica Ferriani & Chico Saraiva – ‘De Salto Agulha’

Chico and Verônica’s partnership started when the guitar player invited her to take part in the tour of his CD Trégua. Since then, a strongly built partnership has developed, together with composer Mauro Aguiar. In 2008, Chico decided to write melodies for lyrics that had already been written, and he chose no other than Mauro’s lyrics. The result was so good they made a CD out of it.

14 – Marcela Bellas – ‘Alto do Coqueirinho’

Will Caetano like it? The result of a partnership between Marcela Bellas and other two musicians, Tadeu Mascarenhas, from Bahia, and Rovilson Pascoal, from SP. Influenced by rhythms like samba, rock, dub, trip-hop and, of course, 70’s Caetano, among other poets of Brazilian’s music, She sums up: “Brazil in the 21st century. Clean, but still with a little touch from the past.”

15 – Paula Lima – ‘Ela é a tal’

Paula first came to national success with the band Funk Como Le Gusta. With a solo career of almost ten years, she has released five albums, two in Europe and Japan. Forming classics of Brazilian music in ska and reggae rhythms. It works. Their live shows feature “O Guarani” by Carlos Gomes, as well as “Águas de Março”, “Barquinho”, “Samba de Verão” and “Garota de Ipanema.”

16 – Rafa Barretto – ‘Entre Becos’

Rafa Barreto is a songwriter, singer and guitarist with a rich and innovative musical universe. His music is based on current trends of European and world music. Brazilian artists such as Gilberto Gil or Lenine also influence Rafa’s music. Festive and dense, it is a mix of traditional Brazilian music and contemporary music, going from pop to MPB and samba music.

17 – Felipe Cordeiro – ‘Legal e Ilegal’

From Belém in the north of Brazil, Felipe Cordeiro has got musical heritage in spades (his father was an important Lambada pioneer) mixes local rhythms such as lambada and tecnobrega
with retro-pop, a mixture he describes as Kitsch-Pop-Cult. He is rapidly becoming one of the key music –figures in the Amazon territories.

18 – Delia Fisher – ‘Mercado’

Singer-songwriter, skilled pianist and now also producer Delia Fischer is well known due to her musically rich and diversified projects. She now toasts us with her “Presente”, a charming work in which she ventures for the first time into the land of the popular song. There are twelve songs conceived by her during the recent years in collaboration with partners like Thiago Picchi.

19 – Tiganá Santana – ‘Muloloki’

Tiganá is a singer-songwriter from Bahia, a young poet, a searcher of his Afro-Brazilian roots, who reveals with his creation and his so peculiar voice, his own modern and ancestral sight of the universe. He is one of those rare Brazilians who composes in African languages, refreshing our ears with his airy harmonies inspired from the polyphonic languages, attached to his ancestral roots.

The BM&A, founded in 2001, is an NGO based in São Paulo. Amongst it’s various projects, the principal activity is operating as the Brazilian Music Export Office. With support from The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), the BM&A promotes the export of Brazilian music, supports the internationalization of Brazilian companies and attracts foreign investments into the country. Activities include releasing compilations (CDs and digital) of new independent Brazilian music, trade missions to Brazil and the participation of producers and bands in such fairs as SXSW and Womex. For more info contact:


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