Do Amor @ Notting Hill Arts Club

If you’ve listened to Caetano Veloso recently then you’ve certainly heard Do Amor. The Brazilian band were formed by Marcelo Callado and Ricardo Dias Gomes – drummer and bass player in Cê, Caetano’s band, respectively – plus the guitar players Gabriel Bubu and Gustavo Benjão.

The quartet have known each other since school and the name, Do Amor (From Love, in English), couldn’t be more appropriate. Completely independent, the band released their first album in 2010, but are very well known by the carioca’s. They’ve been playing in Rio for the last few years with many different Brazilian artists and last year started playing their own gigs, always packed by a curious crowd that almost always end up amazed by the band.

Do Amor showcase their unique style in their debut album, across 14 tracks showcasing different kinds of music, from different regions of the country, all of them marked by their talented musicianship and a clean production. The track “Isso É Carimbó”, shows a little bit of the rhythm from the North of Brazil; “Brainy Dayz” is Jamaican dub; “Perdizes” a typical lambada; Bahia is represented in the funny “Pepeu Baixou em Mim”; while “Exploit”is all about British rock. And you still have pop, samba and choro.

So if you fancy good music and have fun, don’t miss Do Amor at Nothing Hill Arts Club on Tuesday 5th July.

Also performing will be Cuchufleta and 7Suns and there will be DJ sets from Cal Jader, Arias, Mais Um Gringo (Mais Um Discos) and Entre Dos Tierras.

by Olivia Mendonça


Tuesday 5th July, 7pm-2am, £5
Do Amor
Notting Hill Arts Club
21 Notting Hill Gate
London W11 3JQ


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