Do Amor @ Notting Hill Arts Club (5/7/11)

Ah, the beauty of ‘first times’. My first time at Notting Hill Arts Club. Do Amor‘s first time in London. And so most definitely the first time that the Arts Club and it’s patrons shook on down to the sounds of Do Amor.

Which is exactly the way it happened. Song after song the room shook to the tune of a packed audience. The pulsating rhythms of “Chale” and “Perdizes” became gargantuan grooves, the attitude of “Shop Chop” and “Dar Uma Banda” felt like shots to the heart and the tropical swing of “Isso É Carimbó” couldn’t have been more tropical. Like sitting under a palm tree.

One of the most impressive things about the band though was the effortlessness to which they brought to the songs. Many of these contained many different rhythms that interlocked into the grooves that they became. Plus, the lead vocal changed from song-to-song with the other members always adding a variety of impressive harmonies. This they all achieved while appearing to have the times of their lives. It’s no mean feat.

With no recognised front-man it’s clear that there are no egos in this band, just a prerogative to have fun. In marketing terms this could be a weakness as promoting a group (of four personalities) instead of focusing on a main singer is not quite as easy to achieve. But, if Do Amor can continue on this form, with a set as strong as this with only one album behind them, it’s clear that this should never be a hindrance.

Until next time!

Words by Russ Slater

Photo by Rafael Passos. It is not of the London show. If you have a photo of the London show please get in touch!

As a taster here’s a clip of Do Amor playing “Pepeu Baixou em Mim” live in Brazil:

And a little clip from the start of the group’s European tour:

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  1. One of the best “new” brazilian bands. The mix of genres, the sense humor of the lyrics, the way they play the songs…

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