CSS do it again at XOYO

They did it again. The Brazilian band CSS made a sold-out XOYO shake yesterday on their first club gig in London after the release of their third album La Liberación.

And it seemed they really missed it. We certainly did. CSS, or more specifically Lovefoxxx, spared no energy to entertain their hysterical fans. She took her trousers off, she even crowd-surfed. Twice. Which made me realise the cover-art of their new album is actually the whole band crowdsurfing. She had jumped in the middle of the crowd at Rough Trade as well, but there everybody was a little more contained.

At XOYO it was the perfect excuse to act ridiculously foolish; jumping, dancing and singing. Really just having a good time, which is what this band is all about. They started with “I Love You”, the song that also opens the new album, and which released an unexpected rain of bubbles that fell during almost the entire gig.

CSS came up with the perfect solution for the third album. They came back to their roots and did it even better. When they released their first album, we were introduced to a new party band. On their second album, after going through a lot of maturity-testing experiences around the world, they released a slightly “cold” album. Now, it seems they had no problems in going back in time and creating funny, silly songs with electronic pop back-bone that stick in your head (maybe moving back to São Paulo had a huge influence on that). The lyrics make it very clear: the little sister that envies her older brother moving to New York, while she is being ridiculed in her small town for being different in “City Grrrl”. Or the fuck everything attitude in “Fuck Everything”. And finally the Spanish nonsense “La Liberación”.

They also played many songs from the other albums, but the ones from the debut really made the fans go crazy, especially “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above”. One song that I thought was going to obliterate the venue was the riot grrls-like bomb “La Liberación”, but a problem with the microphones really took all the explosive power of it. Lovefoxxx tried to tell a joke and fortunately the problem was fixed before she finished it, but the timing had gone.

One thing that need not be forgotten is the three-eyed psychedelic panther featured on the wall of the stage. Simply bizarre.

Words by Lívia Thimotheo
Photo by Miguel Schertel

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