Clash of the DJs at Guanabara

Check it out, if it’s not our old friend DJ Limão hosting a new weekly party on Thursdays down at Guanabara…
What’s new about that? He plays there all the time.

True, it is his second home, but I heard this night’s got a rather different format.
How so? What’s the score?

Well, I guess if you think back over the centuries to how gentlemen would  settle disputes as to who’s the better of the two, you think of jousting, duels, bouts and fisty cuffs. But bring that into the C21st and what do you get? Two grown men, doing battle armed with decks, headphones and their musical expertise.
Um, what exactly does that involve?

In a nutshell, DJ Limão’s gonna be taking on a different opponent every week in a head to head on decks to see who can pull out the tracks that fill and shake the dancefloor the best, with cool Brasilian house and funky beats as their ammunition.
Cool, Mortal Kombat on the dancefloor!

Indeed, and this month his opponents come in the form of DJs D.Vyzor, Franco Ze Carioca and Roc Hunter.
Smart, sounds fun.

That’s just the half of it; apparently if you get there nice and early you can catch a free Samba-rock lesson, there’ve got capoeira from Grupo Cordão de Ouro, and live music at each of the parties with bands like Soul Fiesta, Family Funk, and that other one, Saravah Soul!
Pretty funky.

Too true. And may the best man win!

£5 after 9pm – 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th April
Parker Street – WC2B 5PW • 020 7242 8600

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