CD of the Month – Garrincha Soundtrack

A musical homage to a footballing legend
Sounds of a lifetime

Leo Gandelman’s Garrincha soundtrack to the film of the same name (based on Ruy Castro’s excellent biography), conveys the twofold story of the crooked-legged ‘Joy of the People’ footballer Garrincha – his professional triumph and personal hardship. The first half contains uplifting tracks like the energetic batucada Escola, and Futebol na Areia, with its enchanting accordion-led melody. Abertura is also full of the polished jazz-samba sound often found in Far Out releases. The second half has a much darker, more atmospheric and often experimental feel to it: from the eerie Decadente Psicodélico to the cello’s lament of Hospital. This quirky score is a collection of charming and original sounds, but with numerous tracks cut short and a certain absence of linkage from one track to the next, it can make for a frustrating listen. JD

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