Camden stages World Champ DJ showdown

3 World DJ competitions bringing together 30 nations and 100 DJs, 3 to be crowned as World Champions, go and see if Brazil’s Erick Jay will be one!


17th – 18th Oct @ Koko
1 day ticket £15 / 2 day ticket £25
1A Camden High Street – NW1 7JE

Jungle caught up with Erick a short while before the championships to see how things were going on the other side of the pond…

Introduce yourself: who are you and where are you from?
I’m Erick Garcia, DJ ERICK JAY, and I’m from the East side of Sao Paul, Brazil.

How long have you been DJing? Did you start out with turntablism, or did it come after?
I’ve been a DJ for 12 years and turntablism came afterwards.

What made you start scratching?
At the national championships which they had here in Brazil like Hip Hop DJ, and DMC.

Who do you consider to be your biggest influences? Is it mostly other DJs, or musicians?
DJ Roc Raida is my biggest inspiration.

How would you describe your style? Do you think there’s something distinctly Brazilian about it?
My style is techno-swing and ‘malandragem brasileira’ (a kind of cunning Brazilian way).

Are you involved in music outside of turntablism? Do you produce records?
I play with a few MCs in Sao Paulo such as MC Kamau and Rap Session, and I also play on the hip hop programme of TV Cultura and produce some samples for some artists, and play at a few parties around Brazil.

Is this your first time at the DMCs?
Yeah it’s my first one.

Why is the DMC such a big deal? What makes it so important for turntablists?
DMC is the biggest and the oldest DJ championship on earth, and this gives you ridiculous (global)exposure.

Tell me about Cla Leste – how did it get started, and who else is involved?
Cla Leste started in 2000 in the Bar Brahma on the corner where Ipringa meets Sao Joao, and in a chat there we created the crew, DJ Zulu leading the bunch, which at that moment included DJs EZ, Zulu, DJ Erick Jay, DJ EL, DJ Jerry and Dogui Jay. After that in 2003 there were some changes and the DJs EZ, EL and Dogui Jay left while DJ RM joined the group, and in 2004 DJ Soares also joined, so today the group is comprised of DJs Zulu, Erick Jay, RM and Soares.

I saw your ‘Chove Chuva’ routine recently – who came up with that idea? Can you explain how a team of DJs puts something like that together?
Myself and DJ RM were working on the routine and then we let the guitar part roll a little more and the music just came naturally so we developed the routine with it in. We always shared out the instruments between us. Each DJ would pick one up and would work on this, but for this routine we did it differently, we created the start, middle and ending seperately before bringing them to the rehearsals and we’re always developing the routines with a little bit of a Brazilian touch.


By Tom Crookston

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