Cala boca Galvao. Lady Gaga’s new single?

Ain’t the internet amazing? Now answer me this: what it the hottest subject on the web right now?

No. It’s not the World Cup. Er, nor Justin Bieber. Not even how annoying the droning sound of a vuvuzela is – though dear God, they’re annoying. Time’s up: the loudest shout from the crowd this week is “Cala Boca Galvão”. Get it? We thought you wouldn’t.

Started to be spread by Brazilian users of the website Twitter, whilst the planet was watching the World Cup opening ceremony in South Africa, last Thursday (June 11th), “Cala Boca, Galvao” (which means “Shut up, Galvão!”), was a phrase posted as a plea for Brazilian football commentator Galvão Bueno to stop talking his usual cheesy nonsense whilst he was presenting the World Cup kick-off festivities on a Brazilian TV channel.

Most incredible is that non-portuguese speakers, mainly American users asking about the meaning of the sentence, started in turn to retweet about it, making the phrase not just a Trending Topic in Brazil, but hitting the highest ratings in the worldwide scale on the twitterphere. And for those more on the ball, spotting that the joke was getting bigger, some of the Brazilian users started to make up fake meanings to “Cala Boca Galvao”.

One of the most popular versions – which already has a video about it 

target=”_blank”>(click to watch) – is that “Galvão” is claimed to be very rare species of a Brazilian birds, and ‘Cala Boca Galvao” would mean “Save the Galvao”, and that every tweet posted with the phrase would generate a donation of U$0.10 cents for the Galvao Birds Foundation . This post would start a cascade of tweets and retweets of people who wanted to join the campaign to tell the world to save the poor Galvão birds. Jokes.

Quoted as one of the “the biggest in-jokes ever made – as an entire country is having a laugh while the rest of world is not getting it”, “Cala Boca Galvão” has already been translated as all sorts of meanings: from a type of Spanish music to a homeopathic remedy, the Silentium Galvanus, a joke posted by best selling Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho on his twitter account.

Frisson became pure Chinese whisper madness when someone posted a false story that “Cala Boca Galvao” was actually the name of a new single to be released by Lady Gaga , with a Spanish rhythm and lyrics about a Brazilian bird in extinction(!)

Un. Believable.

By Thellius Zamprogno
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