Brasil Music Exchange @ The Great Escape

Three Brazilian bands will be appearing at Brighton’s The Great Escape festival. Babe, Terror, Marina Gasolina and Black Drawing Chalks will all be playing in Brighton on either the 12th or 13th May.

The bands have been chosen by Brasil Music Exchange, a project run by BM&A (the Brazil Music Export Office). All three bands will be playing at The Hope on 13th May, as well as playing at various other venues on Thursday and Friday. See full details below.

Babe, Terror
Thurs 12 May Pavillion Theatre 22:30 (presented by Uncut)
Fri 13 May The Hope 13:00

Babe, Terror produces compelling, unsettling aural landscapes; lush, cinematic Sao Paulo stories rendered as washes of lo-fi electronica. Fans include Uncut, The Guardian and Erol Alkan.

Marina Gasolina
Thurs 12 May The Haunt 20:00
Fri 13 May The Hope 14:00

Marina Gasolina founded and fronted Domino signed, baile-funk band Bonde Do Role. Since going solo she’s recorded with the likes of The Go Team! and Architecture in Helsinki. Her new album is out soon.

Black Drawing Chalks
Fri 13 May The Hope 15:00
Fri 13 May The Jam 20:00

Black Drawing Chalks do fast, dirty rock with a tough, stoner edge. One of the top bands out of Goiânia, the rock capital of Brazil.

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