Boom Festival in Portugal

Gathering ‘free-spirits’ from all over the world since 1997 Boom now holds it’s place among the European festivals as a truly ecological, ideological and sustainable experience.

Bringing together art, music, poetry, philosophy, clothing, photography and film, all with a naturally harmonious programme, it aims to create a ten-day “alternate reality” of psychedelic and independent cultures.

Set lakeside within a Natural Geopark site around 60km north of Lisbon, the location is a preserved and valued Eden, to the extent of Boom being a Biennale in order to cohere with both the regeneration of the site and the August full moon, also putting on Boom-buses that leave from Madrid and Lisbon to promote sustainable travel. It also holds amnesty to citizens of a developing country for each festival – first beginning with Brazil, and this year Chile – meaning they can experience Boom for free. Music takes a soundtrack-esque feel here, and though known for being a side-trance festival it has many stages with chilled, ambient and world music for sunrise, sunset and moonlit moods.

This year’s Taoism-related Water theme will be sure to create some visionary and sensual installations, with an acoustic opening ritual from the Angolan Kilandukilu, Trance sets from Joti Sidhu and Brazil’s Pedrão, and live cinema-music performances from Oood. Though the Seven Boom days can be pretty intense, there is always the AfterBoom Utopia – 3 days in a different site that acts as a chilled-out and comfortable bridge back to the real world through meditation, relaxation and philosophical contemplations.

By Charlotte Grace


18th-26th August, (after-boom 26th-29thAugust)
From 130 Euros
Idanha-a-Nova lake, Portugal

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