Leo Cavalcanti’s Debut Is One To Keep An Eye On

Jungle picks its favourite bowling alley for a brand new party to showcase Brazil’s modern sound

Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes is one of Jungle’s favourite nights out, we’ve always wanted to host an event there. And so, Baby Bitch was born, our new party, the answer to all our prayers. Tell a lie. We then had the little dilemma which was, amid so much musical talent, who to pick to launch the project.

Singer Marina Gasolina and DJ João Brasil you already know. They’ve already been performing here and there around London (and once together on the same night), João firing out his ridiculously irresistible mashups of baile funk, axé and pop. Marina’s already launched her solo project back in April – real rock’n’roll – none of the funk carioca of before, but with the same helpings of on stage insanity and intensity.

But it will be the first time the delicate voice of Leo Cavalcanti sounds out live in Europe. Son of composer Péricles Cavalcanti, he considers his music to be music therapy. “It’s not intentional, but it turned out that my compositions have a strong therapeutic function for me. It ends up being heavily existential and following movements of absolute necessity for transformation and of the search for truth”, Leo explains.

His influences only reinforce this idea: “I take a lot of influence from Spanish flamenco, from Arabic and Hindi music (beyond popular Brasilian and world music from my generation), and this shows through in my work. As there exists a mystical realm, a certain ‘spiritual romanticism’, which is the tonic of my composition”. Onstage, he captivates not only with his music, but also with his theatrical performance in perfect harmony.

DJ Glittah will keep the beat between acts, there’ll be short films curated by Braziliality, and of course, three lanes reserved for JD for you to book and bowl.

Whatmore, we’ll be giving a free CD of Brazilian music to everyone who buys a ticket in advance! It simply couldn’t get any better.


JungleDrums presents: Baby Bitch
Marina Gasolina (LIVE) marinagasolina.wordpress.com
DJ João Brasil (LIVE) myspace.com/joaobrasil
Leo Cavalcanti (LIVE) myspace.com/leocavalcanti
DJ Glittah glittah.tumblr.com

Click HERE to buy tickets from wegottickets.com
***FREE CD of Brazilian music for every ticket bought in advance***

Friday June 4th, £5 adv
Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
Tavistock Hotel (Basement), Bedford Way, London – WC1H 9EU

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