Baby Bitch II: Masks, balls & baile funk

Jungle goes back to its favourite bowling alley for the 2nd edition of the unmissable JungleDrums party, BABY BITCH, just 3 months after the sold out launch bash. And this time on Sept 17th we’re joined by the eclectic trio Natema!

“Bands are just like beautiful women,” muses Natema producer Tetto Bonito. “Everybody wants you but no one wants to marry you.”

A poignant thought for the day, but, for the time being at least, it seems that everyone wants a bit of Natema – and not only that; the band recently accepted a proposal from a most eligible bachelor of the music world, and will launch in September their first, 4-track EP with the young Brasilian label Club66 Records. So forgive me for referring to their up-and-coming trip to Paris, where they’ll play at La Bellevilloise, as a pre-emptive honeymoon. “We really want to celebrate,” confirms Tetto.

And they have plenty of reason to; Natema have come a long way in a very short time. The band itself was born in London, but all three of the key members – Luis, 25, Wellington, 34 (both producers), and Pedro, 30 (percussion), actually hail from Brasil. Indeed, the band’s unique and unforgettable face wear is a major talking point; the fringed, leather-tipped masks they wear are, like their name, inspired in the traditions of northeastern Brasil.

Nonetheless, Tetto is unequivocal about the pivotal role London has played for the group, who have come to fuse traditional Brasil rhythms and instruments (such as maracatu, accordions and berimbaus) with electro beats: “When I arrived here 3 years ago, I was very ‘pure’ in terms of my musical influences. But here you’ve got all these different cultures colliding, and all these people sampling different things… and there’s a real exchange going on in the world of electro.”

Whatever the recipe, the cake definitely tastes good. And you can get a piece on 17th September when Natema join João Brasil and DJ Glittah and for a night of Brasilian mayhem at Jungle’s raucous Baby Bitch party.

The Top 3
B’s for Bitch!

1 – Bawling
The Bloomsbury’s legendary Karaoke is equal parts comedy and music, with over seven thousand tunes to choose from, come and sing yourself silly.

2 – Bowling
We’ve got two lanes set aside especially for those who come along to Baby Bitch to book, so come down and see if you’ve got the balls to beat us.

3 – Booze
Nothing complements a bit of bowling like a nice White Russian, Dude. And the Bloomsbury’s bartenders make a mean one.

The Usual Suspects
Once again we welcome back our two stellar dance-floor royals: the lovely DJ Glittah, a mysterious deck diva and failsafe crowd-pleaser; and João Brasil, a true master of melange, João’s real skill is producing the unexpected, mixing the unmixable with flair and a total disregard for the usual parameters of style/taste etc – in a good way. Back in January he launched his ‘365 mashups’ blog, where he’s pledged to post a different mix every single day of the year until the end of 2010; last week it was Pink Floyd meets Baile Funk; this week started with a Radiohead montage; who knows what tomorrow and Baby Bitch will bring…

By Ana Naomi


17th | Friday
8pm-3am, £5
Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, Tavistock Hotel – WC1H

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