Azymuth live at Fabric in June

Fabric have announced that the legendary Azymuth will play their classic 1979 album Light As A Feather in its entirety in the club’s main room on the 20th of June. Which is huge news, obviously.

If you’re not familiar with it, the album, which was recently re-issued by Far Out, is one of their best and home to the original version of the jaw-droppingly brilliant Jazz Carnival.


Beyond the obvious, I can see two reasons that this is a gig you won’t want to miss. First, it’ll sadly be the first time the band plays live in London since the great José Roberto Bertrami passed away last year.


Obviously it won’t be the same, but luckily you could fill about five bands just from the families of the original members, so I’d imagine they’ll have a pretty exceptional replacement keyboardist. And on a happier note, I’m also excited to hear some of this stuff played live in venue that’s built primarily for dancing – no disrepect to the Jazz Cafe (where they’ve played a few times before) but the atmosphere ought to be a little bit more upbeat on Fabric’s famous vibrating floor. And I’ve always felt like Azymuth’s music, or a lot of it at least, was essentially house played on analogue instruments – they could definitely teach a few of todays “EDM” characters a thing or two about how to make a track drop.


As a side note, it never ceases to amaze me how consistently interesting Fabric has managed to stay, despite being the best part of 15 years old (and becoming a bit of a tourist destination for wide-eyed out-of-town club kids). You can reliably find three or four exceptional DJ line-ups every month, and their latest mix CDs are still the most reliable indicator of what everyone else is going to be listening to in three or four months’ time.


This article was written for Nossa! Brazilian Music and Culture.

Thu 20th June, 9pm

77a Charterhouse Street
London, EC1M 6HJ

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