A Francophone knees up at Rich Mix

Following a special edition at Glasto last year and the monthly slots at Favela Chic, the Vive La France series makes a special appearance at the RichMix full of gypsy, drum and bass, vintage swing and sweet sweet rock, hip hop, baile funk and cumbia (phew!).

Kicking off in early 2010 Vive La France burst forth from a partnership with the French Bureau Music Export and Eurostar and Ricard. And from the land of Camembert this time, on the 25th Feb, comes a double bill of live exhuberant French style gypsy electro swing mayhem, in the delightful form of La Caravane Passe and Le KKC Orchestra, with support on decks from Favela Chic and Electro Swing Club head honchos Chris Tofu and Gringo da Parada…

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Le KKC Orchestra
Le KKC is about all things electronica, hip hop and swing. Recently featuring alongside The Correspondents at Favela Chic’s birthday party, the English embraced any lack of understanding thanks to the universal language of great music. Seriously fun vibe – feel good – dance easy – party hard. Get a free KKC track right here!

La Caravane Passe
With roots steeped in Eastern Europe, Toma Feterman gathered a crew who set out to play the best in Balkan beats. Fiscorn harmonies and a mixture of gypsy rock and cabaret; these guys are pioneers in a world where new music is a rarity and originality golden. They’re a retro, futuristic trip to the moon…and France…andEastern Europe…and now, London. Watch La Caravane Passe on Youtube


Chris Tofu
Continental drifts director, Chris Macmeiken, responsible for the infamous Shangri La tent at Glastonbury and most passionate about all things gypsy funk and swing, is set to spin the best in dance worthy grooves electro and vintage.

Gringo da Parada
Co-founder of the ever eclectic Favela Chic, Gringo da Parada, spins a set reflecting both the chaotic and harmonious. Bringing you a kaleidoscope of musical colours of the purest tradition from French chanson to Brasilian baile funk.


Vive La France @ Rich Mix
25th February 2011
7pm, £8 Entry
Tickets & more info: richmix.org.uk

La Caravane Passe

Le KKC Orchestra

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