Oi! The New Brazilian Music!

In 2009, former Far Out Recordings manager Mais Um Gringo set out on a mission to explore the farthest corners of the blogosphere and discover new Brasilian sounds. Then he jumped on a plane and re-traced his footsteps in person. Oi! A Nova Música Brasileira is the result of these travels.

An eclectic insight into the many musical movements, Oi! explores every corner, from Amazonian surf-rock to dubby electronica of Pernambuco’s manguebeat scene. Fascinating, but not always easy, listening.

There’s something here to suit every taste. But the downside is that, with little or no continuity from one song to the next, listening to the whole album is a bit like driving from São Paulo to Salvador in a car with a slightly broken radio. It’s certainly not a wasted journey, but a bit of a rough ride.

Words by Tom Crookston


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