The last of JD’s summer Sunday sessions

Heather McClell winds up Jungle’s series of free, live, totally class summer gigs

Tucked away, deep in the heart of Kings Cross, you’ll find the Latin hub Camino, or at least you should’ve by now.

Fiery and far from dormant during the winter months, it’s on long, summer evenings that the Latin spirit overflows into Camino’s secluded brick courtyard, fuelled by fine wines, cold Spanish beers and delicious tapas. It’s no wonder Jungle and Camino were drawn together, and this summer the love affair culminates in a richly diverse series of free monthly Sunday gigs.

In June, we host one of Mozambique’s greatest musical talents, the drummer/vocalist/composer Deodato Siquir (see profile below), fusing jazz with African beats, and accompanied by DJ Chico Urbanus. Then, moving aptly from Portuguese-speaking Africa to African Brasil, we bring you Maracatudo Mafuá. Bursting with colour, the dancers and drummers and their high-energy performance of Afro-Brasilian rhythms will take you on a mesmerising journey to the heart of Pernambuco.

Leading us further astray in August, Molotov Jukebox set the pace with their outlandish performances and banging tunes, combining an up-beat reggae sound with gypsy dance and funky lunacy: I challenge any of you not to want to get up and dance! And then it will be time to sing goodbye to summer; Heather McClell will be sharing all that she’s brought back from Brasil, promising to make September’s final performance just as captivating as McCells sultry and sensual voice. But you have to find us in Kings Cross first…

By Nuria Robinson

Profile of June’s gig: Deodato Siquir + DJ Chico Urbanus

Mozambican musician Deodato Siquir set out on his rhythmic adventure when he was just 13 years old, fashioning his first drum kit out of items rescued from the rubbish. Blending Jazz with the African beats of Marrabenta, Muthimba, and Muganda, Siquir  creates a sophisticated and vibrant musical sound. Based in Sweden since 2001, he’s collaborated with musicians the world over. Speaking of World music, joining Siquir will be DJ Chico Urbanus, real-life offspring of Sterns Music – the label that practically defined the genre and has been responsible for showcasing some of Africa’s best musicians.


The summer ahead…

Deodato Siquir
20th June, 7pm
Prolific drummer and vocalist, the Mozambican musician will be blending African beats with jazz and audio treats, with bursts of inspiration from Chico on decks.

Maracatudo Mafuá
25th July, 7pm
Afro-Brazilian troop of dancers and drummers from Pernambuco; followed by DJ D.Vyzor’s funky Brazilian beats

Molotov Jukebox
15th August, 7pm
A harmonic cacophony of old school ska, gypsy dance and British house; followed by DJ Ed Sfx’s dance floor mashups.

Heather McClell
19th September, 7pm
Brazillian-infused sultry vocals, folk trip-hop fusion and bossa nova; followed by DJ Tommy Digital’s Latin fever on decks

Camino, 3 Varnishers Yard, Kings Cross – N1 9FD • 020 7841 7331

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