Help “The Brazil Book” come to life

Jungle friends Sounds & Colours never hid their BIG love for all things Brazilian, so we were a bit surprised when they announced last year that their first incursion as publishers would be a book about Colombia.

But after talking cumbia (a music genre that originated in Colombia), they are back, having turned to the Bossa Nova land. The “Brazil Book” will be funded and published through crowdsourcing, just like its Colombian sister!

The book will feature collaborators such former MTV VJ Rodrigo Brandão, music journalist Zach Bezold and the website editor Russ Slater. The singer Tulipa Ruiz will also showcase a music CD and with own beautiful illustrations.

We will let Sounds & Colours persuade you. Read what they have to say below and click here to make it all happen!

“We love Brazil. We love the music, the culture, the people, the amazing landscapes. We love everything about it, so this summer we’ll be focusing on Brazil for our second ever publication. Sounds and Colours Brazil will be a 200 page book of articles, photos and illustrations presenting the impossibly vibrant music and culture of Brazil, complete with a compilation album of new Brazilian music so you can hear exactly what we’re talking about.

From Rio to Recife, from São Paulo to São Luiz, from the Southern plains of Porto Alegre to the pumping sound-systems of Amazonian Belém, we’ll be covering every inch of Brazil, bringing its music, film, art and literature to life. With a team of expert writers, photographers and artists, S&C Brazil will be a passionate, in-depth, authoritative and thoroughly enjoyable journey into the Brazilian way of life.

We will be going in-depth on the diverse music scenes of South America’s biggest country, looking at both Brazil’s classic genres (samba, choro, forró, sertaneja) and the new, cutting-edge sounds surging in its cities today. We will be interviewing film directors, looking for the next “City of God” and writing about classics from the Cinema Novo movement. There will be articles about Brazilian literature, society and visual arts, in addition to artwork and illustrations from Brazilian artists.”

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