The Return Of Fela!

Fela! is a musical based on the story of Fela Kuti. It’s basically won every award that’s going and has now returned for a second run in London. Expect one funky evening!

There aren’t many musicians who’ve had as much impact as Fela Kuti. His pairing of American funk with African beats and spirituality almost single-handedly started the music genre known as afrobeat. Now, whenever a band is just too damn funky it’s normally always described as afrobeat, as if that point where funk music becomes too untamed, too raucous, could only come from this genre.

We, of course, fully understand this logic. Fela Kuti’s songs such as “Rotoforo Fight”, “Zombie” and “Confusion” are quite simply the best afrobeat or funk songs you’ll ever hear, if not simply the best of any genre.

Fela! uses the music of Fela Kuti, his hyperactive stage persona and the setting in which many of these songs were originally heard, in the Kalakuta republic in Lagos (a republic that Fela helped set-up), resulting in a theatrical production brimming with the moves, music and rebellious movement that were a big part of Fela’s life.

Fela will be played once more by Sahr Ngaujah (a great singer who recently lent his voice to an excellent 45 by New York’s Superhuman Happiness) in the production; choreographed, directed and co-written by Bill T. Jones.

If you didn’t see the show the first time round, then this is your chance! What are you waiting for?


Wed 20th July – Sun 28th August, 7.30pm (also 2.30pm on Sat & Sun)
Sadler’s Wells,
Rosebery Avenue,
Tickets £15-50
Buy Tickets
0844 412 4300


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