Flamenco tour de force

This February the stages of London’s leading dance venue will host for the eighth time the annual  Flamenco Festival London.

The event programmed for this year a series of eight performances over the course of two weeks, attracting a vast audience eager to know more about the main names in flamenco culture of today.

Far from the intimacy and spontaneity of its roots in southern Spain, flamenco became a staged dance form and reached very wide dimensions – a phenomenon which has been happening for over a century. The immense popularity of the Sadler’s Wells flamenco event is there to prove it. Also, the younger generation of flamenco artists is not scared of innovating and experimenting – something reflected in the diversity of this year’s line-up.

In addition to the dance performances, the programme includes music concerts from artists such as Latin Grammy winner Tomatito and Latin Grammy nominee Estrella Morente (whose music was featured in the soundtrack of Pedro Almodovar’s Volver).

The dance shows in this season have also been carefully selected, with performances including award-winning Eva Yerbabuena (who this year brings a piece about her family’s memories of the Spanish Civil War); avant-garde dancer Israel Galván (known as the “William Forsythe of flamenco” for his audacity and complicated footwork); and the young but technically precise Rocío Molina (offering an imaginative approach to the more traditional ways of staging flamenco).

Whatever is your level of interest in flamenco or dance in general, this festival will certainly have some vibrant performance for you to enjoy. It’s well worth checking the programme and picking one, or three!

By Mafê Toledo


Flamenco Festival London
8th-19th February 2011
Sadler’s Wells, Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R
sadlerswells.com 0844 412 4300

Photo: Estrella Morente III by Antonio Campos

Photo: Carmen by Paco Ruiz & Pepe Claudio

Photo: CuandoyoeraII by Ruben Martin

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