Why Brazil’s the Twitter king

The Brazilian invasion of the web continues to gain notoriety

‘What does #calabocagalvao mean?’, the world of Twitter asked itself a month ago, perplexed. Some said it’s the latest single by Lady Gaga, others said it’s a campaign to save a rare species of bird. The proposals were mistaken, but people of all nationalities began to tweet the phrase which became one of the trendiest and most used phrases on the web. (If you still don’t know, the phrase just means ‘Shut up Galvão’, referring to the famous Brazilian Sports Commentator that annoys a lot of TV viewers).

The strong presence of the Brazilian users was first identified on the web when it became apparent that Orkut, a Google social network, was being invaded by a multitude of profiles donning green and yellow. And that was just a mere warning of what the world had better get used to, since, as ‘#calabocagalvao’ had demonstrated, the invasion wouldn’t end there.

On top of that, Twitter has been embraced by Brazilians since 2008, when a group of fans of the boy band the Jonas Brothers started a movement that became a Twitter trend, with the aim of enticing the band to tour the country. However it was after #calabocagalvao that people started to notice that Twitter has been populated daily by Brazilian topics between 6-11pm (UK time), which, keeping in mind the 4 hour time difference, coincides with Brazil’s work hours and when teens are back home from school.

One of the latest trends in Twitter subject matter for example was “#calabocastalone”, which referred to the nonsense that the North American actor said about Brazil at a recent conference during Comi-Con 2010 in San Diego. Those who haven’t been warned, watch out – if not you’ll still believe that Lady Gaga’s new single is a homage to Sylvester Stallone.

By André de Oliveira

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