What do Brazil and Nigeria have in common?

On the surface, both Brazil and Nigeria may seem like distant nations yet, as CNN’s new series ‘Global Connections’ seeks to explore, if you dig a little deeper they hold more connections and unexpected similarities than you might have imagined.

The South American powerhouse and African stalwart will be put under the spotlight and compared as the very first pair of countries in their brand new segment on CNN International’s ‘Connect the World’, which takes different countries to compare on a weekly basis taking the viewer beyond headlines and into the stories that are changing our world.

The idea behind the interactive show is to demonstrate that our vast world is a lot smaller than we think and interconnected in a myriad of ways.  As such, CNN invite African people and South American people to interact and send in their own ideas and make comparisons between Nigeria and Brazil, from music to the economy to religion. The show will explore the intriguing personal parallels the audience is able to draw between the nations profiled weekly.

Already the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, has drawn comparisons between the countries, and thoughts voiced by author Paulo Coelho and Gymnast Daiana dos Santos as to what Brazil means to them which can be seen on their website: cnn.com/globalconnections.

Can you find something to connect Nigeria to Brazil? If so, you are welcomed to express your thoughts and post your comments or videos to form part of this new weekly segment for CNN on cnn.com/globalconnections.


Global Connections
Aired on CNN International every Friday for the next 8 weeks and online.
Viewers are invited to submit their iReport video, text or photo. Find out how: cnn.com/globalconnections
MORE: connecttheworld.blogs.cnn.com

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