Brazilians in the UK, Channel 4 wants you!

If you are able to read and understand this article maybe the role is not for you! But if you are using Google Translate to help you out keep reading: Channel 4 is producing a documentary following a group of non-English speaking UK Citizens who will undertake the challenge of learning English and they are looking for fun and interesting Brazilian UK residents who don’t speak English but want to learn and are happy to have a camera following all of their steps.

Produced by Love Productions, the series will be shot over a 2 months period and they are looking for the stars NOW!

They got in touch with JungleDrums today so the time is now, take a look at the description sent by their production team to see if you or someone else you know could fit the bill  – and good luck!

‘ENGLISH SCHOOL’ (working title) casting starts NOW

“We are looking for students to learn aboutTheir reasons for wanting to learn English will vary; some will just want to be able to get a job or a better job, others will want to be able to help their children with their homework or talk to their children’s teachers. Others will want to be able to carry on the work they did at home, being a doctor, a lawyer or running their own business.

They will have been able to get by until now for a variety of reasons, however they are not fulfilling their full potential. There’s one thing they ALL want to do – learn better English to improve their lives.‘ENGLISH SCHOOL’ (working title) will give our students the best crash course possible…they’ll be taught English by the natives – AND for the British, it’s a crash course in immigration – why do people come here, how hard can it be for them.

If you are interested in getting involved or want to find out some more information please get in touch with your name and contact number.

Email: or text 07582 962 963.”


  1. roberto campos

    Well folks, in fact even English people mainly Londoners speak badly their mother tongue; guess what! Unfortunately due slang. Most of alien people living in London for instance learned formal English overseas and when come to London, simply cannot understand such metamorphosis on spoken English on the streets. If you are lucky and find out a Scotsman/woman, you will understand very well my point. As they use to say how awful is Londoner’s English.

  2. Brazilian

    That’s the beauty of Uk ! Here a citzen can be a not-speaker, and some Englishman can run a samba band!

    And they don’t even speak Portuguese or pay any taxes for Brazil even if they’re selling our culture !!!!

    Isn’t it great ?!?

  3. Cintya

    Because the ‘life in the UK’ test is so damn easy and if you can pass that, you can have the documents, even if your english is very poor.

  4. John Rowlands

    P.s. Juliano- WHY are there a lot of UK citizens who don’t speak English?

  5. John Rowlands

    Erm Juliano, I KNOW there are ‘UK citizens’ who don’t speak English, why don’t you state the obvious! Isn’t that what we are talking about? I assume you are guessing when you said that ‘Brazilians living in the UK and paying taxes.’ Well, you did say ‘guess’ so I’ll assume you don’t know either.
    Paying taxes is obligatory Juliano when you work, so are you ‘guessing’ that paying them just automatically gives you the RIGHT to ‘UK citizenship? I don’t think so. People work all over the world and pay taxes- it shouldn’t mean they get automatic citizenship wherever they work. Or does it?
    I assume you are Brazilian Juliano and are an immigrant into the UK. I have no problem with that. You are here writing in English. Well that’s a start! At least I can understand you. What I don’t understand is how they can get UK citizenship and not speak English- even if they DO pay taxes! WHO EXACTLY is giving them the papers/citizenship? Are they giving people English tests before they give away the certificates? It seems not. I go all over London and speak to a LOT of people who just do not understand me when I ask them things in English. It’s unbelievable! This is England, Juliano, and the official language is English. Anything wrong with wanting that? And no, it is not as ‘simple as that?’

  6. Juliano

    John, there are quite a lot of UK Citizens that do not speak English, but we guess they mean Brazilian living in the UK and paying taxes, simple as that. Abraços!

  7. John Rowlands

    How can they be ‘UK Citizens’ if they don’t read, understand or speak English?’ I don’t understand that!

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