The Brazilian with The X-Factor

He may well be older than Brad Pitt and younger than Sir Mick Jagger, but now Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho has a lot more to be proud of himself for having got four thumbs up from the X Factor judges.

Wagner blitzed through round 3 of The X Factor auditions in Birmingham with a operatic display full of gusto, and he’d already charmed the audience with his good humour before even beginning to sing. Mr Cowell sang his praises too, saying his mum would no doubt fancy Wagner. Check out his performance below and keep an eye out for him in the coming stages!

Watch the video clip


And quest of the Brazilian continues…

Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho, the embarrasing-to-watch- terribly-unattractive-and-awkward-out-of-tune-used-to-own-a-lion-and-taught-martial-arts-brazilian-xfactor-contestant has been making headway in the X factor live rounds, having survived the first vote off-of the series last weekend.

Wagner had managed to remain amongst the balmy mix of contestants thanks to the show’s terribly kept secret, the “surprise twist”, which saw each of the four judges allowed to pick a wild card. Retired PE teacher Wagner was brought the back from brink of anonymity thanks to the Over 28s category mentor, Louis Walsh.

With an exuberant performance of a combination of Ricky Martin’s She Bangs and B52’s Love Shack, Wagner sufficiently impressed, or at the very least entertained, the millions of viewers watching Saturday and Sunday’s live shows as he sailed through to the next round. Instead the X Factor journey came to an end for the group FYD, mentored by much-loved Simon Cowell, and Nicola Festa, who’d had Danni’s backing.

This series of X factor has been plagued with drama and scandal (would we have it any other way): Gamu missing out on making the final selection and an ensuing deportation drama and Cheryl Cole death threats, speculation over Cher Lloyd’s health and now our beloved Brazilian Wagner is joining in on the headline-grabbing action, with a recently reported row requiring security to be called in with fellow Over 28s contestant, John Adeleye. All over some deodorant, apparently.

Wagner’s bongo playing performance certainly seemed like he was enjoying his new found fame- and let’s hope he makes the most of his five minutes, since he’s the bookies favourite to go at next weekend’s show.

Check out one of his latest performances


And yet still!…

He’s done it again. Perhaps he can’t sing well, but could Jedward? The public have evidently found a certain appeal to this Brazilian lothario, voting him through to grace our screens again next weekend. As a result, against the odds his own have actually gone from 33/1 to 14/1 to winning the talent show. We may potentially be facing a Brazilian bongo Christmas number one. Brace yourselves.

So it seems Wagner is living the dream. Well, almost. Latest news is that he has actually moved out of the contestants’ luxury abode, having fallen out will almost all his fellow competitors. Now it just remains to be seen how long he can sustain his popularity with the X factor audience.

But one thing is for sure, and that is the high regard with which Stephen Fry holds the refined sound of Wagner’s music… simply watch


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By Caroline Major


  1. Dan

    This guy is incredible! Really think he has a good voice! Give him some opera!

  2. heyme

    Go go Wagner !!! Good for you… still in the competition ! I am supporting u !!!!

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