Female Footy for Africa!!!

Anyone who has caught any women’s football recently will now that the quality of the sport is on the way up. There is a chance, however, that after going to Girls Kick Ball For East Africa you might change your mind! We’re only joking of course, because this event is all for charity and will feature some of our favourite musicians such as Isa GT, Marina Gasolina and Cibelle putting their boots on and getting onto the pitch!

This is all about raising money for East Africa, and these girls are doing it via an all-female football tournament. In total there will be 8 teams, 48 girls, 3 sessions and 15 minute matches, with shortened game times to ensure that everyone gets to see their favourite team in action! 2 winners will walk out proud from the tournament: the team who wins the game and the team who raises the most money for the charity.

Here’s the list of teams involved:
The Sonics (LadyFest)
Clueless (Primary Talent/Decked Out) :
Darlings (Dalston Darlings)
Vice (Magazine)
London Fields Radio
Girlcore (Isa GT & Loki)
Mamacitas (Marina Gasolina, Cibelle and more)
Las Valderramas (Zoe Ramsay and Co)

To help the cause you can donate on match days or online – check the fundraising links next to Clueless and Girlcore for two ways to donate online. All donations will go to East Africa Crisis Appeal


Tuesday 6th, 13th & 20th September, 7pm
Girls Kick Ball For East Africa
London Fields

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