Can fashion save the Amazon?

Bia Saldanha is a Brazilian fashion designer, social entrepreneur, eco-pioneer and also one of the founders of the Brazilian Green Party. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, she now lives in the heart of Amazonian rainforest. Now, if that doesn’t sound like someone who you’d like to know more about then you’ve lost all sense of curiosity!

Thankfully we will be able to find out a lot more about Bia when she talks to The Observer’s Lucy Siegle and Ed Siegle, author of Invisibles and a man who we interviewed right here. The three of them will be talking at The Hub Kings Cross on Thursday 28th July, specifically to find out more about the current threats to the Amazon rainforest and Bia’s pioneering ideas (using the fashion industry) for tackle these problems.


Thursday 28th July, 6.30-10pm
The Amazon – Can fashion help save the forest?
The Hub Kings Cross
34B York Way
N1 9AB
+44 (0) 207841 3450


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