Blonde on Blonde – More Paris Hilton Controversy

Ooops, she did it again – and this time she was in Brazil

Yes, the illustrious Paris Hilton has managed, yet again, to grab the attention of the entire international media whilst visiting Brazil last month. And she’s also got feminists and the Brazilian Women’s Bureau all in a fluster. The socialite’s latest antics began at a party thrown by the Devassa brewery when she ended up on all fours acting out a bizarre dance full of shimmys and acrobatics.

But it was her next move – as opposed to her drunken performances – that caused the furore. The 29-year old heiress is the new face (and body, read on) of the Devassa ad campaign. In a video now widely available online, Paris and a can of Devassa get intimate at her window, as the whole of Rio gets a good look (she’s not exactly naked – in her little dress, she even looks more modest than usual). Critics claim the advert is disrespectful to women and it’s been pulled from Brazilian TV – much to the surprise of viewers who are used to seeing much more raunchy than a fully-clothed Paris and her bevvy.

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