Brazilian Day London 2012 is cancelled

Jungle has just received an email from the organisers of Brazilian Day London stating that the 2012 edition has been canceled due to restrictions on the number of people that RoundWood Park can accomodate.

Scheduled to happen this coming Sunday, September 23rd, and featuring Brazilian pop star Lulu Santos (pictured), it is the second year in a row that the event is cancelled.

Read below Jungle‘s take on the troubled festival when we heard it was going ahead with less than a month to go


We have to be honest here at JungleDrums to whether this is all good news, nd we are not questioning the artistic value of Lulu Santos, set to headline the event on the 23rd of September.

The true Brazilian pop-star will probably be responsible for most of the 20.000 people expected to attend the event at Roundwood Park located in West London. The quality of the music should also be present in the form of the tribute to Luiz Gonzaga, the late Brazilian king of forró, a dance that Londoners have been falling in love recently and enjoying at many night clubs around town.

The main problem with Brazilian Day London has not been the acts, although it has also being criticized in the past for not bringing names that could be interesting and relevant for a mixed audience made by Brazilians and foreigners, something that Jungle always champions. But since the festival debuted in 2009 the local producers has been to blame for the lack of  organisation and continuity that has taken a good part of the strength a Brazilian Day has in many cities around the world.

It all started during the first edition, promoted as part of Carnaval del Pueblo (another troubled festival that canceled this year’s edition at the last minute), when the local team responsible for the organization did not survive the inside fights and dissolved right after the event was over and causing a bitter taste on the mouth of some of the main local sponsors for not delivering what had been promised.

This lack of organisation meant that Brazilian Day London in its four year’s existence in London has been canceled once and changed location every year, starting at Burgues Park, going to the O2 Arena and now close to Willesden Green.

This inconstancy means that Brazilian Day unfortunately has not been able to do in London what it’s most famous sister in New York managed: to include the date on the city’s agenda, transforming a small event into one of the biggest celebrations in the Big Apple.

As it is partly produced by Globo TV, one of the giants of Brazilian media, Brazilian Day 2012 will surely attract huge names from the music scene in Brazil, including the channel’s own TV presenters to keep the Brazilian vibe going.

But locally things are set to be the same. Organised by DMA Legal Services Ltd, an agency specialised in immigration services, the event was confirmed only this week, leaving less than a month to promote it and look for sponsors.

Jungle hopes that the organisation problems are solved this year and that the Brazilian Day London becomes an important fixture in town, not only to celebrate Brazil to Brazilians, but by inviting other communities to join in and to become also part of London’s main festivities dates that celebrate the city’s multiculturalism such as the London Mela or the London Dragon Boat Festival.



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