Calcanhotto: duality in Union

The Brazilian singer’s second London show unites poetry and melody in perfect harmony

Adriana Calcanhotto is an artist of many characteristics, among them the ability to invent and reinvent herself. Whoever saw her play last year and thinks that they’ve seen it all, they’re sorely mistaken. On her first visit the singer came in the company of Moreno Veloso and Domenico on their ‘Três’ tour. Although it was a successful tour, it wasn’t the perfect environment for her introspective spirit.

No mistakes this time. For starters, she plays the Union Chapel, a venue of perfect intimacy. Secondly, her ‘Nova Trombar’ tour comes with a more acoustic guitar style and, being a solo performance, offers the chance to hear some sounds that stray away from the setlist.

Adriana’s career spans 20 years and, highly revered in Brasil, she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. She’s published books, produced illustrations, and reinvented herself as Adriana Partimpin. From soap opera music to concrete poetry, she reveals “I find solace from music in literature, in the silence of poetry.” But what enchants her is song, the mixture between music and poetry, rhythm and melody together.

It’s clear that her work is a constant search for new paths, independent of the result. “The ‘right’ way of doing things is what least interests me, in the world, in life, for anything”. For the big night she’s bringing a backdrop designed by fine artist Lígia Pape, made especially for Adriana in the 90s. “It’s only now that I’m ready to show this work by Lígia”, tells Adriana, “and the piece is incredibly linked with the repertoire.” In other words, the show promises variety: music, poetry and even Brasilian art of the first degree.

Mind the Gap
There are two Adrianas

“Adriana Calcanhotto is existentialist and minimalist”, the singer explains, whereas “Adriana Partimpim uses loads of different instruments and keeps all the drawings kids give her”.

The inspiration to create a parallel career path came from the Japanese Hokusai, who changed his name throughout his life. Adriana loved the idea of “abandoning an artist reputation” and starting all over again. As a result, she adopted her childhood nickname to create an album for kids. Remember, however, the Adrianas do not tour together.

By Erika Tambke


Adriana Calcanhotto @ Union Chapel
25th Oct, Doors 7pm, £18adv • 08444 771 000

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