Our Readers


In January 2010 we carried out a Survey with our readers, asking questions about their habits, likes and dislikes, interests and much more.

Our aim was to get to know them better in order to provide not only more consistent content on the pages of the magazine and website, but collect data that would help bring more significant and relevant advertisers to them, and consequently help advertisers get more from their marketing budget by only targeting those people that are relevant to their brands.

We have now just concluded the research and would like to share the results with you.

We believe that as a reader or prospective client you might be interested in getting to know our readers in more depth as well, and by doing so maybe see opportunities suitable to your business promotional needs.

Some curious facts from our survey:

Almost 72% of our readers have travelled to Brazil at least once and would like to go back.
Over 50read JungleDrums very often, mainly in search of articles about events and tourism and to look for bars, restaurants and services in our Guide.

To learn more curious and useful facts please CLICK HERE and see a summary of the survey results

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