JungleDrums Group is a small-sized media group which was founded in 2002, in London, by two visionary Brazilians who wanted to showcase the best of Brazilian culture in the UK, dispelling stereotypes and promoting the interaction and growth of Brazil as a brand with a powerful meaning for the British public.

It was founded in 2002 as a media corporation based in London responsible for the newly created movement ‘Art, Media and Mind’ and JungleDrums Magazine. The group generates awareness in the social, political and cultural arenas through art and media, representing numerous cultures and communities which inhabit, co-exist and interact in the UK.

The group often works in conjunction with record companies, dance groups, video producers and designers in a variety of ways. By holding exhibitions, workshops and other forms of artistic expression JungleDrums is constantly trying to integrate and promote the interaction of new audiences in a truly Brazilian cultural environment, acting as a gateway between Brazil and Britain, attempting to diffuse and to explore new concepts of ‘Brazilianess’, allowing for new ways of interacting and exchanging ideas to take place in an efficient and coherent fashion.

Almost eight years since it was first launched, JungleDrums Magazine is today proud to be the main point of reference and contact between these cultures of Brazil and Britain, with its 20,000 monthly copies and being the only magazine in Europe with bilingual content in English and Portuguese.

In 2006 JungleDrums Group launched Jungle Trips, the only UK magazine dedicated entirely to promoting tourism and travel in Brazil, and since then it has been ever active and present in travel-related events such as the World Travel Market (WTM) and The Times Destinations Holiday and Travel Show. It can now claim to be specialists in promoting Brazil’s tourism to the British market.

The group also identified the difficulties that a number of Brazilian-related brands based or doing business in the UK were having to communicate effectively with the British public, and with the aim of both providing promotion related solutions to these companies, and satisfying its own design and promotional needs, it created Jungle Media.

By understanding both the needs of the brands and audiences in the UK, Jungle Media acts primarily as a communication agency that efficiently provides tailor-made solutions that surpass its client’s needs.

JungleDrums have been at the forefront of Brazilian/Latin culture since its inception. It is passionate and committed to providing its followers with the best artistic and cultural events London has to offer. It stands out by remaining loyal to its origins while continually innovating and embracing new influences.

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