Favela Chic

Seductive Latin flavours with French touches. Great food and atmosphere, as well as one of the best live music venues in London.

Canecão Pub

From the outside Canecão doesn’t look any different to the normal pub, many may think this is just another traditional English pub, but as soon as you go through the door things change somewhat.

Caipirinha Jazz Bar

From outside the Caipirinha Jazz Bar, you already get a feeling that, inside, good music will be the order of the day.

Spiritual Caipirinha Bar

Opened in Camdem Town on December last year, Spiritual Bar is a hot spot for everyone looking for a real caipirinha extravaganza. In charge of the kitchen is Pietro Rocha, former chef at Guanabara and previously at the famous Copacabana Palace in Rio.