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Reaching for the Latin Sky of Music

EssenCielo hits East London this Friday, showcasing an unparalleled mix of Latin artists and sounds in one place

Sun, sweat and cinema

Experience Brazilian cinema for free as three very different movies hit Brixton in a vibrant outdoors event this month.

Who is the Queen of Brazil?

Brazilica is brightening up Liverpool this Friday with the Carnival Queen Competition and various events to follow

Reaching the top of the stars

JungleDrums speaks to Neymar’s hairdresser and reveals the secrets of one of the most famous haircuts in the world

The night Caetano embraced London

Caetano Veloso wraps up the Barbican in his wide musical embrace, says John Stevenson

How far can “the Brazilian way” take you?

Lidi Albuquerque explains the duality of the “Brazilian way” (“jeitinho brasileiro”) and how it can help or hinder you at your personal life and work

Marcos Valle sings for London

The Bossa Nova legend is back for one performance only, and we are giving away a pair of tickets to JungleDrums readers

No male maids allowed!!!

If you want a Brazilian maid, she has to be female – our sexist language mandates

Lovely difficult lady

She looks Brazilian, she sounds Brazilian, yet she is not Brazilian. Who is she? Find out more about Mayra Andrade in our exclusive interview.

Don’t speak Brazinglish!!!

Laura Stamps from the London School of English identifies the top ten mistakes that Brazilians learning English make and teaches us how to fix them