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Gringos, it’s time to find a job in Brazil

Earlier this year I wrote in Jungledrums about the foreign expats arriving in Brazil and seeking new opportunities (click here in order to read it) – sometimes entirely new careers. A foreigner getting a work visa is one issue, but the language

Afugentando estrangeiros

Is Brazil really making the most of the influx of high skilled foreigner that have migrated to the country, asks our columnist Angelica Mari.
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Daily Sampa

While this space will continue to feature commentary on Sampa in a longer format, I have ressurected my Tumblr blog, also called São Paulo Diaries, where I post photos, links and general rambling about life in São Paulo in shorter bursts

5 things to do outdoors in São Paulo

I don’t mean to rub it in – especially if you’re braving the cold right now – but the last few weeks in São Paulo have been SUPER hot! This works out great as there are many things to do outside in the city and around. Here’s a list of things to do in Sampa while soaking the rays.

Paulistanos don’t give a damn about the crack issue

Three days into the New Year, state and city governments and the military police in São Paulo occupied the area known as “Cracolândia” (crackland). Today, just over three weeks after the operation began, the state secretary of justice Eloisa Arruda

Hanging around Liberdade

Even though Brazilians are the product of intense miscegenation of races, cultures and ethnicities, there are several ghettos that gather different nationalities within São Paulo – the central area of Liberdade being the most significant, as it concentrates the largest

Happy 458th anniversary, Sampa!

Sampa (Caetano Veloso) Alguma coisa acontece no meu coração Que só quando cruza a Ipiranga e a avenida São João É que quando eu cheguei por aqui eu nada entendi Da dura poesia concreta de tuas esquinas Da deselegância discreta

Mobiles and cons

Did you know that use of mobile phones is forbidden inside banks in the city of São Paulo? Since August 2011, mobile phone use is banned by law within bank branches and also at ATMs. Mayor Gilberto Kassab created the

Is Michel Teló a good thing for Brazilian music?

Back in my little Brazilian ghetto in London, whenever we played Brazilian music at parties, everyone loved it. It didn’t really matter if it was funk, country, rock or samba. Everyone would sing along and even dance – because doing so gave us a sense of belonging, it brought us back home for a few moments.

My first São Silvestre race

For most paulistanos, the São Silvestre race is synonymous with the New Year festivities. I attended as a spectator for many years, shouting support at the runners or watching the elite athletes on TV. The São Silvestre is the most