The Immigrant

The hammock and those lazy Brazilians from the Northeast

The Brazilian right-wing has resorted to the most abominable prejudices in order to win the runoff vote for the presidential elections

Meu coador não aguenta!!!

Our columnist Victor Fraga gets back to his mother language to talk about feelings and taboos that are hard to translate [Content in Portuguese only]

Israel’s murderous football

Israel thinks that the Gaza conflict is just a murderous football match without rules, where the referee and the crowd have no importance

Brazil 7 – 0 Russia

Many qualities of Brazil were forgotten and overlooked during the World Cup, but they will be sorely missed when we land in tyrannical and bigoted Russia in four years

So, just how Latin are you?

¡Ay, caramba! This World Cup is testing the allegiances of Brazilians: shall we align ourselves with our poor Latin neighbours or with our distant and rich cousins in the Northern hemisphere?

Losing my favourite game

Fernando Duarte launches his new book and reveals to The Immigrant the joys and the pains of Brazilian football, and how defeat has empowered the nation

Repackaging Brazil?

Our readers called Gilles Peterson a “colonialist” reselling Brazil to his own profit. So, are foreigners entitled to survey Brazil? Is their take valid or is it just self-serving, frothy gimmicks?

In defence of Brazil: we are not a nation of slackers

An irresponsible piece of journalism in The Economist earlier this week portrayed Brazilians as lazy workers who are alone too blame for all of their woes. I beg to differ.

No male maids allowed!!!

If you want a Brazilian maid, she has to be female – our sexist language mandates

The unbearable shallowness of being… Brazilian

Some Brazilians will resort to the most absurd and desperate measures in order to defend their socio-economic status – or sometimes even to buy it