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The best chef in the world

Read our exclusive interview with Alex Atala, who has just been elected the best chef in the world

The flavours of Brazil, with a twist

Alex Atala’s Rediscovering Brazil has reached London this week with a free exhibition, and Jungledrums is giving away three copies of the book to our readers

A tasty carioca fit for Her Majesty

Boutique chocolate brand Aquim join forces with Oscar Niemeyer to create a special £800 chocolate bar. And the Queen likes it!

Peru Is Flavour Of The Month

Peruvian food has not-so-secretly been positioning itself as the cuisine of choice over the past couple of years. Of course, this is no devious plan from Peru itself, more a realisation from everyone else that they actually have some great

A Brazilian Xmas Dessert

The traditional Christmas feast in North America culminates in a big slice of pie and in England everyone wants to finish their meal with steaming hot Christmas pudding. But when it comes to dessert, Brazil steers its own course. No pie, no pudding. In fact, nothing that many would consider dessert at all.


Clandestino’s Supper Club

If you’ve never tried a supper club in London this could be your perfect opportunity. For the uninitiated, a supper club is a dining experience normally in someone’s home or another private venue. Food is normally a set menu. On


Flavours of Peru

Acclaimed Chef Virgilo Martinez (“Restaurant Central”, Lima, Peru) is in London to take part in the Peruvian culinary festival Flavours of Peru at the InterContinental London Park Lane Hotel.

A Brazilian foodie living in London

I was born in São Paulo, brought up in a Swiss-German and Spanish-Italian mixed family. I moved to London 20 years ago and it took me a while to understand the cultural richness of my new home.

Rodizios in London

Rodizios are taking over London! So, we thought it was about time we gave a little introduction to the rodizio concept and picked out a few rodizios in London that are worth checking out.

Feijoada: National Dish of Brazil?

Brazil’s national dish is unofficial, though if you ask Brazilians what their country’s national dish is the response is almost always something called feijoada. The Portuguese word feijão means bean, so one could translate feijoada as “bean dish”, but that’s to sell it very short. Feijoada is a tableful of dishes, in fact an entire meal.