Latin London


Salsa festival shakes North London

Salsa lovers can enjoy a three day festival with over 50 national and international Latin music and dance artists

Help “The Brazil Book” come to life

After featuring Colombia, Sounds & Colours new publication will focus on the vibrant Brazilian culture – and you can be a part of it!

Win tickets to a special La Linea show

Brazilian/African trio A Curva Da Cintura is one of the highlights from the festival that will showcase the best Latin music over two weeks, from hip-hop to classical

Little Brazilians: “Falamos português!”

Special London project nurtures the use of Portuguese in children by actively focusing and exploring all aspects of Brazilian culture


Thames Festival pays homage to Rio de Janeiro with a carnival showcase

Expect an amazing day of spectacle to mark the Olympics handover from London to Rio de Janeiro by the Thames.


Do it with pride – show off your Brazilian to the world

Swing, sweat and passion will hit the streets of Central London this July 7th as an exclusively Brazilian float joins the 2012 World Pride in the British capital. But Brazil isn’t all about lust and carnival anymore. The waking giant


Talk: Portuguese Language Across the Globe – Past and Present

Canning House is to host a talk on the global presence of the Portuguese language by Regina dos Santos Duarte of the Camoes Institute on Thursday 26th January. The event marks the culmination of the Lusophone Fusions season and will

Golden Grass sparkles in London

It was on a visit to Brazil that Simone Pedrini fell in love with Golden Grass. Walking on a beach in Southern Brazil, Simone saw beautiful earrings, necklaces, rings and bags all made from a material like golden wire. “I fell in love with their beauty,” says Simone.

Britain Through the Eyes of Andre Camara

Andre Camara is a photojournalist from Brazil, made famous by his photos that later inspired City of God. He has lived in London for the last 20 years and recently featured in a film for Britain’s Foreign Office in which


Where to Carnival in London

Notting Hill Carnival 2011 is fast approaching, and will be taking place on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th August. After discussions with the Police it has been decided the carnival will end at 7pm on both nights, meaning you’ll need