Current Affairs

Who is the Queen of Brazil?

Brazilica is brightening up Liverpool this Friday with the Carnival Queen Competition and various events to follow

Reaching the top of the stars

JungleDrums speaks to Neymar’s hairdresser and reveals the secrets of one of the most famous haircuts in the world

A non-stop feast of yellow and green

The trendy boisterous East End of London will witness a celebration of all things Brazilian nearly every day during the World Cup

Brazil’s back to the future

Brazilians take the streets of London and remind the world that the “country of the future” is still crippled by the old problems of the past

In defense of Michael Palin’s Brazil

British journalist based in Rio, Dom Phillips argues that “Brazil” was good television even if it was for “the English to see”

Brazilians in the UK, Channel 4 wants you!

Channel 4 is produing a documentary following a group of non-English speaking UK Citizens who will undertake the challenge of learning English and they are looking for fun and interesting Brazilian UK residents who don’t speak English but want to learn and are happy to have a camera following all your steps.

Y’a lost’n translation, whey aye hinny!

Brazilian entrepreneur Guilherme Afonso moved to Newcastle and was suddenly faced with the strange wonders of Geordie speech. And so he created the iPhone application Alreet Geordie School, a spoken dictionary to help those Brits and foreigners visiting or moving to Newcastle.


Latin America 2011 Conference

The Latin America 2011 Conference is the perfect opportunity to find out the latest developments in Latin America with speakers from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Colombia, Honduras, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina and across the continent.

Resisting Resource Wars

Europe continues to increase its consumption of the world’s resources at the expense of the rest of the planet. Come and hear first hand from international speakers about how cotton growing, metal mining and dam building in Africa and South


PUMA Safe Sustainable Design Lecture

Chilean architect and designer Alejandro Aravena will be giving a talk for the second annual PUMA Safe Sustainable Design Lecture. Topics will include his approach to sustainable design, exemplified by his work with the Monterry Housing project in Mexico.