A big hug from Caetano Veloso

The Brazilian master is back in London next month, and you could win a pair of tickets with JungleDrums

Marcos Valle sings for London

The Bossa Nova legend is back for one performance only, and we are giving away a pair of tickets to JungleDrums readers

No male maids allowed!!!

If you want a Brazilian maid, she has to be female – our sexist language mandates

Bahia vs Britain – just beat it!

Bass Culture Clash presents a selection of Bahian and UK artists at the Roundhouse and in Brighton this May

A fine palate for Brazilian music

The Brazilian soul and jazz legend Ed Motta talks about his latest work AOR, how Brazilian artists fare abroad and hopes that Brazilian music has the same fate as Brazilian wine

The unbearable shallowness of being… Brazilian

Some Brazilians will resort to the most absurd and desperate measures in order to defend their socio-economic status – or sometimes even to buy it

Lovely difficult lady

She looks Brazilian, she sounds Brazilian, yet she is not Brazilian. Who is she? Find out more about Mayra Andrade in our exclusive interview.

Don’t speak Brazinglish!!!

Laura Stamps from the London School of English identifies the top ten mistakes that Brazilians learning English make and teaches us how to fix them

Win tickets to see Ed Motta and Karol Conka

La Linea is back in London this April with a brand new line up – we are giving away a pair of tickets to see Karol Conka and Ed Motta

Cambridge literally turns Brazilian

Cambridge Literary Festival hosts a series of events celebrating Brazilian culture